New Adventure

After working in SQL for more than 19 months, I have decided to pursue a new opportunity in Office Live. On June 1, I’ll begin my Office Live adventure.

Microsoft Surface

Cool product, cool name, cool website. I saw the demo in our company meeting and I really like it. Executive Q&A: What the new surface computing category means for Microsoft and consumers Microsoft Launches New Product Category: Surface Computing Comes to Life in Restaurants, Hotels, Retail Locations and Casino Resorts

10 Reinvigorating Facts About Microsoft’s Profits

I’d like to share an interesting article on Microsoft’s profits published a while ago: 10 Reinvigorating Facts About Microsoft’s Profits … Microsoft last week announced quarterly revenue of $14.4 billion and net income of $4.93 billion. In other words, Microsoft’s daily net income is about $55 million. That’s $55 million in pure profit every 24 …